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In our cantina our products can be tasted and bought.

Vino chianti classico La querce due - laquerce2 Red wines:
Chianti Classico 2001
Enotria Tellus IGT 2008

White wines:
Bianco di Mezzola 2008

Grappa Riserva 1999
Grappa white 2004

Vino Santo:
Vintage 2005

Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P We harvest our olives in early November and within 48 hours of harvesting they are cold-pressed. The result is a lovely, rich green olive oil. The D.O.P. label means that we must follow strict quality guidelines throughout the entire production process.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - chianti classico -  La querce due - laquerce2

La Querce II is the most northern vineyard located in the Chianti Classico area. The 12 ha property, of which 4 are Chianti Classico vineyards and 4 are olive orchards (also registered as Chianti Classico) uses entirely organic and small scale production. Our olive orchards and vineyards are tended to with the utmost of care in order to get the highest quality results possible.